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Catering & Confectionery

"If you are what you eat then you might as well eat something good."



A vital element for every birthday or occasion - the cake! Here at Utopia we work with the best bakers to bring you a wonderful culinary experience and a stunning design that is sure to impress. 


Let us cater for your event, we work with a variety of excellent caterers ready to bring you your desired cuisine, be it the form of children's food boxes, buffet, charcuterie boards or food trucks, we have it sorted.  


Cookies, Cupcakes & Cake-sickles

Whether it is Elsa's cake-sickles, Tiana's beignets or Rapunzel's tower cookies, we are here to provide you the best confectionaries for your event and displays.

Sweet Features

Here is a fun option that is sure to impress, bring to your event a delicious popcorn machine, fluffy candy floss, a warm chocolate fountain, or perhaps you are a fan of donuts/waffles. 

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