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Utopian trending Ideas for Spring Parties

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Tired of the bitter cold and long dark nights? Dreaming of some sunshine and longer days? Us too! Start smelling the beautiful flowers blooming and get yourself in gear for the dreaminess of spring with these handpicked party ideas. Dream away...

Early Tropicana

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. An ice-cold smoothie, a hammock and a Caribbean beach. What could be better? Okay, it's not summer yet. We may have allowed ourselves to get a tad carried away. But there's no harm with some early Tropicana. Soft tropical themes, a pink flamingo or two and some soothingly coloured balloons can be a refreshing idea for the ultimate spring party. 

Tip - Try using springtime florals, nude tones and pastel shades to adapt the theme to spring rather than a tropical summer.

Florals - a trend as old as time...Experience the rejuvenation of nature with a vibrant assortment of light colours and delicious fruity hues. Lemons, berries, pears. The ethereal quality of spring has a calming influence, which is all about the turning of seasons. Surround yourself with as many of these joys of life as possible, and have the great time you deserve. 

Tip - incorporating butterflies and berries is a must this season and will allow your display to lean into spring. Try to avoid tropical florals, giving it a summer feel.

Vintage Elegance

We all like to feel a little special every now and then. In fact, most of us need to take more time to reward ourselves with a sprinkling of luxury. Celebrate a springtime birthday, a special anniversary or just a long overdue catch-up amongst close friends with some understated chic. Incorporate traditional literary characters (the most famous of famous rabbits and bears, if you know what we mean) with a palate of coffee, taupe and all sorts of browns. If you have some wicker baskets, fill them with old-school teddies to give your event that warm fuzzy feeling. 

Tip - Peter Rabbit or the White Rabbit from Alice in wonderland are perfect, elegant characters to use for your spring events, giving a subtle nod to the Easter season. Bales of hay, wicker, coffee feathers and vintage honey pots add that perfect rustic charm.

The Great Easter Trail

There's no Spring without Easter. And there is no Easter without Spring. Give those little ones a joyous day of easter egg hunts and games with a Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh-themed party, and they'll have an unforgettable day. For adventurous explorers, take the day to a different era with a Dino-themed bonanza. To avoid too much T-Rex terror, soften the mood with more neutral tones and shades of traditional dino colours, to create a more charming, picturesque display. 

Tip - Try using dino themed eggs for the children's Easter egg hunt and confectioneries such as cupcakes with mini baby dinos breaking out of their eggs.

Lilac Clouds 

A lilac and cloud themed party is a unique and whimsical way to celebrate a special occasion or just have fun with friends and family. The theme is inspired by the colours of the sky and clouds, as well as the beauty of the spring blossom. Add as many balloons as you can to your event and incorporate creative ideas for refreshing fluffy drinks. Nothing is out of bounds.

Tip - incorporating air balloon features will elevate this look for a lasting impression. Try a fluffy cloud drink. Get a long glass, fill it with ice, top it with milk and garnish it with candy floss and a lilac petal. 

Away with the fairies'

A fairy garden party is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or simply enjoy the beauty of nature with friends and family. The key to creating a successful garden party is to choose a location that is both beautiful and functional, with plenty of space for guests to mingle and relax. One of the most important aspects of any garden party is the decor. This can include everything from colourful flower arrangements and twinkling fairy lights, to cosy seating areas and elegant table settings. To create a truly lush and inviting atmosphere, consider incorporating a variety of textures and colours into your decor. Think lush greenery, soft fabrics, and sparkling accents. 

Tip - Make sure to use the foliage and natural elements of your garden to incorporate into the display, not only does this add the wow factor to this beautiful theme but it's also cost efficient.

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