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5 Top At Home Family Activities!

In this blog we have hand picked 5 creative ways to spend time with your children and a luxurious insight into products, recipes and more, no better time to try these fun filled ideas than now, with the current circumstances. #stayhome.

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Traditional Egg Painting with a Twist

Its Easter once again! A beloved favourite this time of year is of course the Easter egg painting. You can try this timeless classic by challenging the children to turn their eggs into their favourite characters. A hula skirt made from straw grass for Moana or a blue organza material to recreate Cinderella’s dress, make sure not to forget our signature butterflies. Let’s see you get creative! 

Exploring Disney +

As the charming classics we once knew are masterfully remade into the films we know today, perhaps it’s time to take a visit down memory lane. And no better time to do that with Disney+ now out. Simply cosy up and discover some of the lost treasures you may have forgotten and your children have yet discovered. Truly treat yourself by making Chocolate Covered Raspberries or Gold-Dusted White Chocolate Popcorn.

To make this a more educational activity, try revisiting the books of which the films were originally derived from and reading them together before watching the films, this is guaranteed to expand your knowledge and to truly transport you to the that world.

Building a child house

As Anna and Elsa once encouraged us to build a snowman, we now encourage you to build your own little house. Be it simply from cardboard  or an extravagant little child’s garden house. Get inspired by our magical fantasy theme and create a truly Utopian house for your little ones to decorate or perhaps a pirate ship. Take your time to select the appropriate colours that will go on the walls, the luscious fabrics for the curtains or sails, the design of the furniture for a mini kitchen for all imaginary play baking, a charming bedroom for their dolls, a little porch with the perfect rocking chair or perhaps a slide, the possibilities are endless. Contact us for more ideas.

Unicorn Slime

Here is a favourite among children at the moment, inspired by our wonderful unicorn themes, “The Fluffy Unicorn Slime” is Irresistibly satisfying to play with and lots of fun to make. Please be sure to supervise your children. Here at Utopia we love our rainbows, now go and create.

Pamper Time

Here is one for parents and children alike. Due to the current circumstances we sadly cannot take a luxurious spa day, so bring the spa to you. For you mothers out there, we have hand selected some tried and tested luxurious products for you to try in a variety of price ranges . Please take caution what you use on children. 

Firstly we would like to suggest the calming and enchanting instrumental spa like sounds of Disney’s Princess Lullaby Album.

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Apr 13, 2020

What a lovely selection of activities!

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